LSS Delaware-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum For Delaware High School Students

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It has become essential for the students to develop some valuable skills because of the growing competition. And, we can help you with that. We, Lean Six Experts of Delaware, have excellent Lean Six Sigma training programs for high school students.

LSS is one of the most popular project improvement strategies that has been used by millions of companies/organizations all over the world. It is a collaborative team effort that is designed to reduce the waste and variations in the company’s processes. 

Don’t know about Lean Six Sigma? Don’t worry. Here is a complete guide about what Lean Six Sigma is and what it is all about.

LSS Delaware-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for High School Students

What is lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a great methodology for process improvement and process development. Because of its effectiveness, it has got immense recognition. It is a process improvement strategy that is composed of two equally effective techniques called Lean and Six Sigma. 

Lean is a technique that is used to minimize the amount of waste produced by a company. There are around eight kinds of waste produced by a company which hugely affects its revenue. To improve the costs of production, Lean has been developed.

Six Sigma is another technique that is used to improve the quality of the company’s work processes. It focuses on removing the processes’ variations to ensure smoothness, high productivity, and higher customer satisfaction.

Lean Six Sigma contributes a lot to the growth of the organization. With its implementation, there will be visible growth and improvement in your company’s working and efficiency. 

LSS Curriculum for High School students

If you have planned to get your school Leans Six Sigma Certified students, you have made the right decision. The competition in every domain is increasing day by day. This is why you must prepare your students to face the competition. The Lean Six Sigma certification can really help in their development. Because of Lean Six Sigma’s effectiveness, it has now been added to the curriculum of high school students.

We have the best training courses for the Yellow and Green Belt certification. It is not necessary to get a Yellow belt certified in order to get a Green belt certification. But we recommend you to learn and get familiar with the knowledge of Lean Six Sigma through the Yellow Belt training in high school students.

This is because the students lack expertise and experience in the field of business industries. Lean Six Sigma Experts of Delaware will be training the students: 

  • On how to solve the problems as a team member
  • About DMAIC methodology
  • On how to set goals and objectives and many more

If you want deeper insights into the Lean Six Sigma curriculum for high school students, you are always welcome to contact Lean Six Sigma Experts of Delaware.

Frequently asked questions about the Lean Six Sigma curriculum for High school students. 

Ans. It is important to study and prepare for the certification of Lean Six Sigma. You can also sit for the examination without any preparation, but training for it will be great. Training will help you a lot in your preparation, and the chances of you getting certified successfully increase.

Come to us if you want training and consultation services for the Lean Six Sigma Certification. We have experienced instructors, trainers and consultants who will help you out.

Ans. Lean Six Sigma is a complex set of tools and techniques used by many organizations to improve the quality of their work and processes. People get Lean Six Sigma certification in order to get validation of their problem solving, error identifying skills.

The Lean Six Sigma itself is not a skill, but its training can help you develop various skills that can prove useful for your career.

Ans. There are five principles of LSS that are:

  • Focus on the requirements of the customers and putting efforts towards fulfilling them.
  • Use measurement and statistical tools to get an idea of the company's situation and determine the cause of the system's variations.
  • Being aware of the work processes and focusing on eliminating the problems and variations.
  • Making the employees of the company involved in using the Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • Being flexible and changing according to the dynamic business environment

Ans. People love to flex their Lean Six Sigma certification on their resumes because it helps them get a competitive advantage over the candidates. The Lean Six Sigma certification looks good on the resume and shows your skills and knowledge about process management and improvement.

Ans. Lean Six Sigma has three certifications, i.e., Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt. It takes a different time to complete the certification, depending on the level. You can get Yellow belt certified in one to three weeks. It takes two to seven weeks to get Green Belt certified and one to three months for the Black Belt certification.

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