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Lean Six Sigma is a fantastic system to scale your business and boost your career in the market. Many organizations across the world fail to identify and remove waste or unwanted processes from their systems. This leads to loss of productivity & efficiency within the company.

It’s the reason Lean Six Sigma was created. If you want deeper insights into Lean Six Sigma, read along.

LSS Delaware-Bear-DE

What is Lean Six Sigma all about? 

Lean Six Sigma aims at improving customer satisfaction by fulfilling their needs in a better way. It can be applied in any area of the organization where there are variations or wasteful activities in the work processes.

Lean Six Sigma is formed of two compelling methodologies called Lean and Six Sigma. It is a combination of both of them and is used to eliminate waste and improve quality.


Lean is a technique used to reduce any kind of waste and maximize customer value by delivering high-quality products. It aims to find out the waste in the work processes and try to remove them to increase the velocity of the work.

Six Sigma 

It is an improvement tool that helps organizations to improve the capability of their processes. It targets variations in the methods and is used to remove them from the methods for better performance. The use of Six Sigma leads to an increase in profits, employee motivation, and also the quality of products and services. 

The problem-solving in Six Sigma is done using the DMAIC framework. There are five stages in the LSS framework i.e.

  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyze
  • Improve
  • Control

How can Lean Six Sigma benefit your company?

Here are the benefits of implementing Lean Six Sigma principles: 

Improved Efficiency

Lean Six Sigma can help you identify and eliminate the processes which do not add value to the customer or the company. Such processes usually involve resources but offer zero or very less productive output. When these processes are removed from the system, it helps in increasing efficiency.

Improved efficiency means improved productivity. And this is what companies seek. If you want to improve efficiency, connect with Lean Six Sigma Experts of Delaware.

Better Customer Satisfaction

When you follow and implement Lean Six Sigma principles, you’ll be able to remove waste and errors from your system. This will help you reduce variation and produce better quality products and services. And when you deliver better quality products and services, you’ll get better customer satisfaction.

Also, Lean Six Sigma acts as an assurance to your customers. It proves that your company has the best possible practices in place to ensure the best quality products and services. And this is going to help you attract more business to your company.

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